Abandoned Puppy With Two Legs Only, Gets Wheelchair Made Of LEGO By 12-Year-Old Boy

This story speaks about a poor puppy called Gracie who was thrown away by her family without mercy when she was just a new born. The dog was found with missing hair on her face and covering in maggots. Gracie, who was also born without her 2 front legs, was finally adopted by the Turley family who already have their own shelter.

Gracie, seems to be perfect for the Turley family as they already had a Chihuahua with 3 legs and a paralyzed dog. The problem was that she continues growing up, but she can’t use a wheelchair. Thankfully, Dylan, a 12-year-old boy stepped in with a perfect idea. He built wheelchair from Lego which can be used by Gracie.

Finally, this brilliant idea completely worked which helped Gracie to walk and move with her special Lego wheelchair. Gracie, now uses her forever wheelchair fitting as she grows old enough to be fit for the wheelchair.

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