Tasked by his mother to protect the newborn b.a.b.y trio, the intelligent dog fulfilled his duty with emotional devotion, garnering admiration from netizens for his unwavering commitment to their safety.

Sunny, a little Goldendoodle from Branford, Connecticut, is the proud parent of three newborn triplets. The dog is so enthralled by the new family members that he stops by to make sure everything is in order every day.

A video of Sunny checking on ,,his” babies that Lauren Barnes, a new mother, published on TikTok quickly went viral. The endearing video, which Barnes has called “cuteness overload” is spreading joy throughout the internet. Since the birth of her gorgeous triplets, Barnes has been posting videos of them, and Sunny has appeared in the bulk of them.

The three triplets are curled up on the couch in the living room. Sunny has arrived to double-check what seems to be in order. The two-month-old infants seem to be looking forward to their canine companion’s arrival.

This quick morning check is an adored family custom. Sunny cuddles one of the triplets affectionately while perched on a nearby footstool. His body is splayed out on the couch so he can see these small folks better. He only stays long enough to make sure that baby no. 1 is content and happy.

Then it’s time to find out how baby number two is doing. Sunny adjusts his weight and gives his body one more stretch. The infant appears to perk up and observe Sunny with her bright eyes. The last inspection is performed on baby number three with a kiss and a smell. Sunny notes that everything seems to be in order in this situation. The dog Sunny declares: ,,My role here is done.”

As if to convince her mother that everything is fine, Sunny lifts her gaze toward the camera. Knowing that his children are in God’s hands allows him to finally unwind. What an amazing dog. Barnes also posted a beautiful image of Sunny engaging in cuddling in another video. While keeping his infants cozy and warm, Sunny is keeping an eye on them.


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