During the Heartbreaking moment of watching his beloved senior dog Closing his Eyes for the Last Time, the Man Collapses

A young man recorded a 10-minute film of his dog’s final day of life since he was extremely old and they had to put him to death, but not before they did everything he wanted, such as eating chicken.

A dog’s death may be just as terrible as the death of a human loved one, and this is because they win their owners’ hearts with their beautiful and steadfast friendship. As a result, Cappuccino’s owner, a young guy called Lauro Morales, described on social media the process he went through before putting his pet to sleep. With tears in his eyes, he no longer wanted him to suffer, so they did everything the dog enjoyed, such as taking him for a car ride, take him to eat chicken, and even bathe and brush him before firing him for good. The youngster cried as he held his beloved and stayed with him till the end.

Fire your dog doing everything you liked
Not for nothing is it said that man’s best friend is the dog, but it is also true that there are responsible owners who go above and beyond for their furry friends and are there for them through thick and thin.

The video, published on TikTok by user _victorcaudillo, showed Lauro going through one of the most traumatic days of his life, bidding goodbye to the most devoted dog he had ever known.

In the 10-minute footage, Cappuccino is unable to stand, most likely owing to his late age and ailments. He first combed and showered him, recalling innumerable memories, while the canine lay down, gazing at his soul mate, rubbing him and savoring what would be his dying caresses.

She put him out on a tiny bed on top of a board for one more stroll; for this, the family came out and, sobbing, hugged him and told him how much they loved him and how much they would miss his presence in the home.

He put him in the back of a truck with other people, and it was then that they came for chickens and cookies, to give him his final supper. Cappuccino devoured the meal.

The most difficult time comes then, the farewell. Lauro knew he’d hurt, but it wasn’t until he arrived that the floodgates of Cappuccino’s childhood memories opened.

Friends forever!
They got to the vet and prepared the channeling, save for a 10-minute farewell. Lauro wasted no time and hugged Cappuccino like never before, saying in the video, “A lifetime of memories passed through my thoughts.”

The canine enjoyed a lot of serenity and tranquillity during the procedure, according to the video, because Lauro never left his side until his heartbeat stopped and his small eyes closed to cross the rainbow.

“He slept in my arms till the end, his heart and respiration getting slower and quieter until everything stopped.”

The young man seemed to have collapsed into the canine’s body and whispered his final farewell. Undoubtedly a moment of contemplation for many, since, while I wish dogs were forever, they have a shorter lifespan, and many owners, like Lauro, attempt to offer their furry friends the best before they go. We hope Morales’ heart heals and that he recalls that he now has a heavenly protector.

If you want to watch the disturbing video of this moment please follow the hashtags below that will lead you to his TikTok profile and to the video.

@_victorcaudillo #10minutos @lauromorales4 comparte con nosotros que la despedida de #Capuccino 

 el peor día para muchos de nosotros en esta vida será tener qué despedirnos de nuestro mejor amigo de cuatro patas. 

 #lauromorales #fyp #parati #duelo #perrhijo #mascota #viral #adios ♬ sonido original – Victor Caudillo

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  1. Reminds me of the day we had to put our Rottie down. My heart broke that day. And now I’m crying again for a a stranger and their loss. Sending prayers and sympathy.

  2. I’ve been a dog lover and owner for over 50 years and have been in this position many times! My beautiful border collie Larry is 13 now and is getting old,he’s not very well with a couple of problems and under a vet and will have to go through it once again in the next couple of years. It’s devastating when the vet puts the injection into your loved one but unfortunately that’s the price of loving your best friend! It’s every owners worst moment in life!

  3. I’m also crying, my dog Sam is also senior, had him since 6 weeks old love him dearly & don’t know how i will cope when his time comes. All dogs are precious we form a bond like no other. Fly high over the rainbow bridge gorgeous boy.

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