Their owners revealed that they were once wild, but after being trained to put on an adorable display, a pack of dogs lined up to “buy” a regular barbecue.

Queuing up to wait for your turn is a social etiquette and norm in most cultures in the world, but oftentimes we see people who do not obey the rules and cause troubles to others.

A photo of 4 dogs queuing up to wait their turns to taste a treat of barbecue meat went viral in the Internet and netizens were amazed by how disciplined the dogs are.

The dogs don’t look like stray dogs because they are clean and wearing neck straps.

They are waiting patiently for the barbecue meat!

According to the dog owners, he adopted the dogs when they were stray dogs on the street. The dogs truly love the smell of barbecue meats and they imitated how other customers queuing up to buy the meats. The stall owner is very impressed with them and would throw few pieces of meats to them as a reward, so the dogs have become a regulars of this barbecue stall.

They were in no rush while waiting for a customer finished his order even though they got distracted a bit by a boy and a girl posing for photo next to them.

Do you think all humans should queue up properly just like these 4 dogs? We think yes!

Jumping queue is one of the most horrible bad behaviors we could find in this world. Let more people know that even dogs can queue up in full discipline for their turn and human should have the same patience as well! Let’s share this story around!

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