Leonardo DiCaprio Dove Into Icy Waters To Save Two Of His Rescue Dogs

In a recent episode of Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table, actor Leonardo DiCaprio demonstrated that he is a hero not only in films, but also in real life. DiCaprio brought two of his dogs to the set of Don’t Look Up, which was shot in and around Boston. It didn’t take long for the two rescued huskies to get themselves into trouble.

The huskies, according to DiCaprio and co-star Jennifer Lawrence, slipped into the icy water and nearly perished. But DiCaprio was not going to let his pets suffer. He confronted the freezing weather without hesitation in order to save their lives.

On set, dogs cause trouble.
DiCaprio has three huskies with his girlfriend Camila Morrone. Jack and Jill, whom he brought to the shoot, were adopted by the couple in 2020 after being placed in foster care. The puppies have never seen a frozen lake because they were used to living in Southern California. They became overly interested and fell in.

According to Lawrence, one dog was the first to jump in, and DiCaprio shortly followed. Then, when DiCaprio moved one of the dogs out of the freezing water, the other sprang in. The puppies did not appear to learn from their errors.

“The second one started licking the drowning one, and suddenly we were all in the freezing lake together,” DiCaprio explained.

Dog dad comes to the rescue
DiCaprio was able to rescue his two dogs after some battle and persistence. They made no complaints after the incident, despite the fact that they were undoubtedly freezing like their father. However, the high temperatures were worth it in order to save his animal pals’ lives. Despite the gravity of the situation, DiCaprio and Lawrence attempted to lighten the mood throughout the conversation.

“I’m sure you’re all wondering, I was wondering too, that he took his clothes off right away in the car,” Lawrence joked.

It’s hardly the first time DiCaprio has played a hero in real life. In 2019, he saved a man who had fallen from a boat and was on the verge of drowning. Perhaps his water rescue abilities stem from his participation in Titanic.

Although DiCaprio saved his pets, officials highly suggest dialing for help rather than rushing into the freezing water. Freezing water may have an immediate impact on physical and mental ability. DiCaprio and his pets are fortunate to be safe. When his pups were in danger, DiCaprio, like any good dog owners, didn’t have time to ponder. All he knew was that he wished them well.

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