Home Depot has officially hired its cutest employee ever

Even people may change if we are shown a little affection. Adopting an animal can make two people’s life better. These two lives comprise both the animal’s and your own. The pet will now have his or her own space. They’ll be secure and sound, surrounded by people they can call family. Their human will have someone who will unconditionally adore them for the rest of their lives. As a consequence, everyone benefits. What more could you ask for? Adoption, on the other hand, is a complicated process.

Some animals are afraid to leave the refuge and venture into unknown terrain. They may be afraid or nervous when they initially arrive at their new home. They may be anti-social as well. These pets require time to emerge out of their shells, but the wait will be well worth it when they do.

Heaven, a former shelter dog, tells her touching story.

Heaven was adopted by Jackie Rakers of the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter. Heaven and Jackie had made a significant progress. Heaven, on the other hand, was a timid dog that feared practically everything. So Jackie had to think of a method to regain Heaven’s confidence.

They started coming to Home Depot about that time.
Rakers told The Dodo that “the Home Depot runs started as a means to help her overcome her concerns.” “She was terrified of strange places and sounds,” she added, “so we’d go for five minutes and she’d receive all the sweets.”

As a result, their excursions to Home Depot became longer, and Heaven was introduced to new things.

The Home Depot is a dog-friendly store.
As a consequence, Heaven was at comfortable there. Heaven became more involved with the workers and tourists. After a few trips, she received her own apron!

Jackie knows she’s headed to Home Depot when she pulls out her apron.

“I keep it in the car so we’re always ready,” Rakers stated. “She quivers and waits for me to put [the apron] on her as soon as she senses we’ve arrived in the parking lot before dashing off to ‘work.’” She walks around like she owns the area.”

Home Depot now has a brand new employee!

Heaven is well-known at the store. All of the employees address her by name, and she is even permitted to enter the staff break room. It’s become a sort of second home for her.

She also had a good time with the clients.
“She wanders about doing her own business and then insists on meeting someone,” Rakers added. “All she does is sit and stare,” they’ll always remark, “and they’ll always mention how much they needed that pick-me-up.”

Heaven should be able to feel when someone is having a terrible day and walk over to cheer them up. And the greatest location for her to find folks to adore is at Home Depot.

Heaven’s confidence has returned thanks to these small adventure visits to Home Depot.

“She was scared of everything,” Rakers explained, “but she learned to trust with a lot of training and patience, and now it’s like she pays it forward.”

“She goes out of her way to find those who need her and gives them a smile and a cuddle.”

Jackie is always doing things around the house, so they go to Home Depot frequently, which is also a comfort for Heaven.

Look how content she is now!
To bring out the best in your pet, all it takes is a little love and the correct type of parenting. Heaven is an excellent example of this.

Have you ever had a dog as a pet before? So, how did you put them at ease? Please share your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.

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  1. Why can’t I take my dog to Home Depot anymore? He loved going there and the employees loved him as did customers, then one day a sign was posted “ no dogs allowed.” This was Home Depot in Sarnia Ontario.

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