Fall In Love With Too Adorable Little Red Riding Hood And Her Big Bad Wolf Husky!

They both look soo cute and adorable 

Everyone has probably read Little Crimson Riding Hood as a child, and almost everyone has dressed up as the character at least once by donning a red scarf.

This tiny Agata shocked everyone recently at a Carnival in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, a location full of colors and fairy tale characters that mesmerized everyone!

Agata dressed up as a fairy tale character from Little Red Riding Hood, while her goofy Husky dressed up as a “Big Bad Wolf” character!

The Husky Yanuk is draped in a purple shawl and a set of glasses for reading, and the little girl is dressed in a red frock and red scarf, finishing her outfit with a miniature cake basket. They appear to have just emerged from a book’s pages!

Because of their utterly lovely clothes, this little girl and her husky have become internet sensations. Nearly too adorable to be true!

While Agata’s outfit is adorable, Yanuk, who was dressed as the Big Bad Wolf, made the moment much more memorable. Yanuk attempted to act fierce, but it didn’t seem to work.

It is wonderful that Agata has a friend since they are the sweetest Little Red Riding Hood and Werewolf we have ever seen. It comes as no surprise that everyone is completely enthralled by this duo. It’s wonderful that Agata has such a lovely friend to grow up with!

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