Adorable Rescue Puppy Has Ears That Looks Like Mini Cinnamon Rolls

After hearing about a litter of puppies who were in need of rescuing in country Georgia, Jen Deane knew they would be cute.

But she never expected this…

Deane, who was the president of Pit Sisters, a dog rescue organization was surprised to see one of the pups with earls curling inwards, just like a cinnamon roll.

All her siblings had big, pointy ears, as expected, but Cinnamon named this for obvious reasons, really stood out.

“I’ve never seen a dog with ears like hers. Everyone can’t believe how adorable she is … and she’s even cuter in person!” Said Deane when talking to The Dodo.

The internet quickly fell in love with Cinnamons adorable face after the rescue shared her photo on their Facebook page.

Her beautiful face has been shared all over the internet, gaining her a lot of attention while setting her and her siblings up for adoption.

The pups weren’t always so lucky, and just three weeks before they were picked up by Deane, the litter was struggling.

Found at a public shelter, all alone, the pups likely escaped the home of a neglectful owner as every one of them was skinny and infected with worms.

“They were only 5 weeks old but had not been well cared for at all,” Deane said. “We got them right to our vet where they could get immediate health care, and they’re all doing a lot better now.”

Deane fell in love with one of the pups Zeke, who is Cinnamon’s brother, and already decided to adopt him.

This story is from early 2019, and unfortunately since then, the Pit Sisters organization has had to shut down.

Cinnamon seems to know she is a very special girl…

“Cinnamon is very feisty, in a good way,” Deane said. “She’s really sweet and gets along well with other dogs. Her ears just match her personality — quirky and really fun.”

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