A man in Mexico who walks around with a trolley saving hundreds of homeless dogs has touched people with his story

A few months ago, I was driving out of the small Mexican town of Mazunte, Oaxaca, when I saw a peculiar sight on the side of the road. A man was pushing a trolley along the road surrounded by dogs. Dogs were on top of his trolley. Dogs were behind him, in front of him and by his side. Tails were wagging furiously, barks were sounding and he just kept pushing his trolley through the heat.

This is the story of Edgardo Perros. He has walked 14,000 km around the perimeter of Mexico saving injured and sick dogs! Over the last six years, he has saved nearly 500 dogs. His humility and compassion for all beings were so striking that it touched me. For example, when he finds a dog that is too injured to be saved, he lies down with it on the road so it has company as it passes on.

His selfless attitude and service to these animals and the people he meets are so inspirational. Check out his Facebook page.

Edgardo Perros is walking the entire perimeter of Mexico while pushing a trolley with dogs and helps those in need along the way

“No one helps dogs living homeless on the roads. This is where I saw their pain,” said 49-year-old Edgardo

“What hurts me the most, is not the battered, hurt or abandoned dogs. It is the person that is doing it”

“I think that what someone in this situation needs, no matter if a person or animal, is some company and even a little bit of love”

Over the past six years, he has rescued and successfully homed close to 500 sick and injured dogs

He has found many dogs that were too damaged to be rescued. “Usually, I just keep them company, until in a natural way, they rest,” said Edgardo

To date, he has walked nearly 14,000 km around Mexico. He only has 1,432 km left to travel to reach his goal


Edgardo has three dogs of his own that have been by his side from the beginning of his journey 6 years ago

This is Blacky


and Chilletas

Patuleco was born with “swimmers syndrome“ and has dysplasia which means he doesn’t have knees. He’s been on the road with Edgardo for 3 years

A three-legged master Sin Pata has been traveling for a year now, and is waiting to be adopted

A beautiful China Pong is looking for a permanent home and has been on the road with him for almost three years

Kiwi was found with a severe skin condition but is now well and looking for a forever home

Little Enzo is now healing in a clinic after leg amputation due to bone infection. After that, he will join the journey and learn how to walk from Sensei Sin Pata

Other dogs have been castrated, vaccinated and are learning to behave before they are ready for adoption



“I can’t live the rest of my life just saying ‘I traveled once around Mexico and helped dogs.’ I want to continue to work with dogs”

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