Frightened Toddler Runs to Pet Husky for Protection From Vacuum Cleaner, and the Video Is Adorable (VIDEO)

When Dad turned on the vacuum cleaner, a toddler’s frightened reaction was nothing short of precious as she ran to the family’s protector for help. Fortunately, it was caught on video.

Down the hallway the little tot ran, arms outstretched, for the family’s husky, away from the loud, scary home appliance. After the father posted the cute clip on YouTube, it became a viral hit and touched many hearts all over the internet.


Some common household appliances can make some sounds that are frightening to not only pets but also young humans as well. Later, people come to understand these are just harmless machines for keeping the house clean and tidy.

When the 11-month-old toddler’s dad fired up the vacuum cleaner one day, he decided to film his baby’s reaction. To his amusement, the little girl wasn’t too keen on the noise. She seemed a bit frightened by the roar of the vacuum cleaner. What she did next will definitely put a smile on your face.

The 22-second clip shows her rushing away from the sound and towards the husky sitting stoically at the other end of the hall. The young lady, in desperation, solicits much-needed comfort from the courageous canine. Although she hasn’t the words yet to express what she’s thinking, her cries of alarm say it all: “Save me!” as she buries her head in the pooch’s furry mane.


How sweet!

The touching clip was first posted on YouTube by the father back in 2013, where it went viral and received nearly 700,000 views. When this adorable video was posted on The Epoch Times Facebook page, it became an instant hit with our followers and garnered over 50,000 views and over 1,000 likes, with several people commenting on how sweet they found the toddler’s reaction.

Comments like “So cute!” and “Friends for life!” filled the comments section.

One person noted, “They both will protect each other.”

A particularly insightful user offered an alternative version of the events: “She strolled over like she was going to protect the dog more. A lot of dogs don’t like vacuums. Super sweet!”

According to science, it’s no surprise that a toddler would show trust and reliance on her dog.

In an insightful article for Psychology Today, Hal Herzog, PhD, stated that growing up with pets can lead to a multitude of developmental benefits for children. Having an animal companion from a young age “is linked to higher self-esteem, cognitive development, and social skills,” he says.

According to Herzog, research has found that the bond between pets and children can improve learning abilities, health, obedience, and allow kids to live more active lives. Studies also found that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop behavioral problems.


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