Two-Legged Stray Momma Cares For Her Homeless Family

Meet Shi Bao, a two-legged female stray dog in China who has proven that even with a disability, she can be an incredible mother to her puppies. Shi Bao was not always homeless; she had an owner who abandoned her and left her to fend for herself near the Kouguan railway station in Datong, Shanxi Province.

Sadly, Shi Bao lost her hind legs in an accident that locals believe was caused by a car or a train. Despite her disability, she has managed to survive and care for her puppies. It’s incredible to see how she guides her babies around the train station every day while they scavenge for food, making sure they are always near her and safe from harm.

It’s heartbreaking to think that there are millions of homeless dogs like Shi Bao in the world, struggling every day to find food and shelter. However, what makes her story even more touching is the fact that she’s doing it all with only two legs. This courageous momma dog has shown us that animals are resilient and can adapt to their environment, no matter how tough it may be.

We can only imagine the hardships Shi Bao and her puppies face every day. They are not protected by laws like animals in other countries, and they must fend for themselves in a world that can be cruel and unforgiving. It’s not fair that they have to live this way, and it’s up to us to help them.

We hope that Shi Bao and her babies find a Good Samaritan or an animal rescue organization that would take them in and provide them with the love and care they deserve. All animals deserve a loving home, and Shi Bao has proved that she is worthy of a happily ever after.

Let’s do our part to help animals like Shi Bao and her puppies. They may be just dogs, but they have hearts and souls, and they deserve to live a life free from suffering and fear. We can make a difference in their lives by supporting animal rescue organizations, volunteering at animal shelters, and advocating for animal rights. Together, we can give these animals the chance to live the happy and fulfilling lives they deserve.

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  1. May God bless that mother dog and her babies and all the abandoned and defenceless animals in the world from human cruelty. I wish I could take them ALL into my home 🙏😥

Happy birthday to him, the homeless dog shed tears of joy when celebrating his first ever birthday at the animal shelter.

The touching image of a loyal dog crying beside the coffin of its owner who does not want to leave makes anyone who sees it also choke