This Dog Comes Here Every Day And Helps Kindergarten Kids Safely Cross The Street

Animals can surprise us in all kinds of different ways. In the past, we’ve already discussed the gosling kindergarten teacher, laughed at the angry watermelon supervisor, talked about owls that sleep with their faces down, and many more. So what now? Is there anything left that we haven’t seen yet? Yes, the answer is yes.

Today we’re going to take a look at a cute pupper that most probably had worked as a traffic officer in one of his past lives. Meet Kupata—dog from Georgia who turned himself into a local celebrity by helping kids safely cross the street. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Besides, turns out that this dog has Instagram and Facebook profiles dedicated to him and Bored Panda had a chance to ask the person running them some questions, so make sure to scroll down for an interview!

Such a good boy!

The video you’ve just watched was filmed in the town of Batumi, located in Georgia, by a guy named Beqa Tsinadze. The video shows a group of young children waiting for cars to stop so they could safely cross the road. But then a mysterious dog comes to the rescue and saves the day by stopping the traffic.

And it wasn’t just a one-time thing!

Image credits: lovelykupata

Turns out that Kupata does this every day! He basically works as a full-time traffic officer. And just between you and me—according to anonymous sources, he might be the best traffic officer there is… “Kupata gets angry when a car crosses by every time. ,” a local resident told The Dodo. “He takes his job very seriously. And sometimes he waits for children for one hour, to make sure that they feel safe in the park and they cross the street safely.”

“We first noticed that Kupata is helping kids cross the road almost 2 years ago now,” the person running Kupata’s socials told us.

Image credits: lovelykupata

No one truly knows why Kupata decided to become a traffic officer. But it’s totally amazing. Kupata was actually a wandering stray dog before arriving here but then locals have taken it upon themselves to care for him. Maybe this voluntary work the dog is doing is sort of an expression of gratitude to all the community members who helped him when he needed it the most.

“He came here 5 years ago from somewhere when he was a puppy, and since then he’s been living in the staircase of one of the apartments and people have been caring for him. Everybody loves Kupata,” the person running Kupata’s Instagram account told Bored Panda.

“He has 3 best friends, the woman named Nona, who feeds him, also one little girl, and Beka, who cares for him as well. Kupata grew up with kids, he loves playing with them. There is a park next to his place, so he is always playing with kids in that park,” the person running Kupata’s Instagram account told us.

When asked about Kupata’s personality, the owner of the Instagram account told us this: “He hates drunk people and always barks at them. He loves sleeping a lot and he also enjoys eating sausages. Besides, he loves to play with children.”

By the way, Kupata means “Sausage” in English!

Image credits: lovelykupata

Recently Adjara Tourism Department honored the pup by presenting him with his very own doghouse. Besides, the doghouse is emblazoned with a “People’s Choice” star depicting Kupata’s name!

Image credits: lovelykupata

Moreover, Kupata was recently painted on the wall of one of the buildings in Batumi! He’s a real star there y’all!

Image credits: itsbatumi

“He is popular not only in our country but in the whole World too. Since we published the video on how he is helping kids cross the road, many local people and tourists came to see Kupata and take some photos with him,” the person running Kupata’s Instagram account told us.

Everyone loves him here!

Image credits: lovelykupata

And everyone wants to be his friend

Image credits: lovelykupata

And after a long day at work, Kupata likes to enjoy the finer things in life by taking some well-deserved rest

Image credits: lovelykupata

It seems like the whole internet absolutely loves him

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