The Special Bond Between a UPS Driver and the Dogs He Meets on His Delivery Route

For as long as he can remember, Scott Hodges has loved pit bulls. He used to have a pittie of his own, Sheba, but after 15 years she passed away in 2004.

Luckily, Hodges has been a UPS driver for the past 32 years and gets to see pit bulls every single day as he goes along his route. He sees lots of animals on the job, including a very friendly pig, but he’s always had a particular soft spot for Pitbulls. He’s gotten to know them all over the years — and they love him just as much as he loves them.

“I know most, but not all, of the pitties by name,” Hodges told The Dodo.

Every day, as Hodges does his UPS route, he stops to say hi to his pit bull friends (and all the other dogs, too). They know who he is by now and are always waiting for him because they know Hodges can always be counted on to give them love and treats.

“All the pitties on my route are friendly and I give them biscuits every time I see them,” Hodges said.

In order to keep track of all the pitties he sees, he takes lots of pictures …

… and probably has at least one picture of every pit bull on his route by now.

The pitties are of course always happy to see him …

… and some like to ham it up a little more than others.

Sometimes he takes pictures of the other dogs along his route too …

… but the pit bulls will always and forever be his favorites.

Hodges is lucky to get to work a job where he can see pit bulls every single day, and he never gets tired of stopping to say hi to all of his friends.

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