Loving Companion: Dog Hugs Baby to Provide Comfort in Times of Sadness after Mother’s Rebuke

When a dog and a toddler get together, there’s really no telling what could happen. Both pups and little kids have a tendency to get rough with each other without intending to. A large dog might enthusiastically knock over a child they’re trying to play with. A kid might tug too hard on a doggie’s ears out of curiosity.

Sometimes, however, putting the cutest of earth’s creatures together makes for amazing moments. One mother to a young boy and a Golden Retriever really lucked out by filming them at the right time. In a video that naturally went viral, she asks her toddler: “You’ll be gentle with him at least?”

Who knows if the dog ended up taking that advice to heart or he’s just a good boy. What we got though, is an adorable embrace between siblings. The little boy goes in for a hug. As if he knew exactly how that worked, the dog gently put his paws around the boy’s back.

The toddler just sort of leans into his pup, fully embracing the love (and fluff.) After a few seconds of enjoying the hug, the little boy can’t help but turn to the camera and smile ecstatically. It’s so unbelievably pure!

His mother lost it too, of course, freaking out about how cute this moment was. She utters an automatic “Oh my God.” Frankly, so did I while watching.

Though it’s best to supervise your dog and your small child while they play, there’s no purer love than the one shared between them. Golden Retrievers in particular make great family pets. Their gentle and patient nature equips them to handle rowdy kids. It might explain the breed’s popularity, especially among families.

To ensure that your dog and your child play nice with each other, it helps to teach your child at a young age how. Let them know which ways to touch a dog are okay and which might hurt or upset the pup (or them.) Remind them that dogs are not jungle gyms or chairs. And when it comes to dogs they don’t live with, encourage your child to always ask before petting.

Here’s hoping this sweet video brought you a smile as big as that little boy’s today. If so, pass it on to others who might need a grin.

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