Homeless Dog Chases Traveling Couple’s Van in Countryside—So They Stop and Adopt Her Into Their Family (VIDEO)

A couple driving through the Spanish countryside in early spring 2021 spotted a small dog chasing after their van, but never thought it would lead to their gaining a new, furry family member.

At first, they believed the dog probably belonged to a farmer and decided to videotape the amusing chase.

The couple, Martina and Fil, both executives working remotely for a sporting company, love traveling and their work allowed living nomadically to become the answer to their ideal lifestyle.

Instead of going to Greece or Portugal this time, though, they choose to enjoy Spain’s countryside, near the city Granada—which is where this dog appeared.

(Courtesy of Moxie the Shorkie)

Out of the blue, from their side mirrors, the couple spotted the small yet energetic pooch chasing their van while they drove.

“We think she is a mix Shih Tzu / Yorkshire breed—Shorkie, but I suspect she also has some Lhasa in her,” Martina, an Italian, told The Epoch Times.

They expected the dog, whom they would later name Moxie (as we shall see), return home, as farmers’ dogs in that region often cross paths with motor vehicles but usually don’t stray far. But this dog did not go back and continued chasing their van.

Moxie’s persistence not to be left behind soon became apparent; she would even follow them when they parked to walk around the countryside. They realized that this dog had no collar and looked very dirty.

(Courtesy of Moxie the Shorkie)

So, Martina and Fil decided to investigate whether she had an owner by asking others in town and inquiring online, via WhatsApp groups, if anyone owned her. No one knew where Moxie lived—not even the those at the local shelter, bars, and supermarkets.

No one claimed the dog, so they decided to give her a bath before heading to the vet. She had ticks under her muddy coat as well as crusty sleep in her eyes. When they drained the bathwater, it was dark and muddy.

The vet spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped her. Later, Martina and Fil learned that the place where she was found was a common site where dogs were abandoned.

“We then found out that specific area is a dog dump spot, so we started thinking someone might have abandoned her,” said Martina.

They didn’t want Moxie to go to a shelter and decided to adopt her into their tiny, mobile home, instead. They gave her a name.

Courtesy of Moxie the Shorkie)

Martina explained: “For us it simply meant adapting our traveling and lifestyle even more to take an unwanted dog from the streets, and give her a second chance at life!”

Surprisingly, Moxie got along very well with their three pet cats—even better than with dogs she met on walks. “Moxie probably thinks she is a cat!” Martina said. “​​She’s especially good with cats and is most excited around them than anything else!”

At first, the cats had a hard time bonding with Moxie. They did normal things cats do when encountering strange dogs: arching their backs, hair standing up on end, hissing, or running up a tree. They gave her a hard time.

(Courtesy of Moxie the Shorkie)

Eventually, though, they got used to Moxie’s calm and friendly temperament toward them and welcomed her as part of the family. Now, they all get along very well, Martina said.

Life for Moxie is full of good times in her new home. She loves to go for walks with Martina, Fil, and their cats. Plus, she gets to stay cleaned and well-fed in her safe, new forever home, and mark new territory as they travel Europe.

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