Homeless boy and his dog beat the odds and inspire the world with their story of survival.

A journalist spread the image without imagining it would be harshly criticized. His story came to impact so many hearts that it got the ending it deserved

Ankit, a 9-year-old boy, lives a rough existence, unlike other youngsters his age. After being abandoned by his mother and having his father imprisoned for unclear reasons, his sole company is Danny, his street dog. The photo of Ankit sleeping with the dog quickly went popular on social media.

Ankit has been living a similar life for the past few years, according to the Times of India (TOI). He supports himself by working at a tea store and selling balloons. He spends his daytime earnings on food for Danny and himself.

“Ankit never accepts anything for free; he doesn’t even ask for milk for his dog,” the tea store proprietor explained.

A passer-by snapped a photo of Ankit and his dog lying under a blanket outside a closed business a fortnight ago, and it quickly went popular on social media. Since then, the local authority has been looking for the youngster, who was discovered on Monday.

He is now in the custody of Muzaffarnagar police. “We are attempting to locate his family, and his photographs have been distributed to numerous police stations in neighboring regions.” “We’ve also notified the district’s women and child welfare department,” said SSP Abhishek Yadav.

“He will reside with a woman named Sheela Devi,” said Anil Kaparwan, City Kotwali station house officer. She’s a nice local Ankit knows and refers to as her sister.” He also stated that the youngster will attend a private school until his family is found. The administration of a nearby private school has agreed to offer Ankit with free education.

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