Heartfelt Scene: Shelter’s Lengthiest Resident Drifts Off to Sleep with a Grin, Joyful to Have Found a Family

When Petey, the adopted dog, flashed his heartwarming smile, it melted the hearts of his rescuers. The poor pup had been ignored for far too long and his caretakers were determined to find him a loving home. Petey arrived at the SPCA Wake in early October all the way from a high-intake shelter in North Carolina where he was constantly overlooked by potential adopters. Despite being only a year old, Petey had already become the longest resident of the county shelter. The SPCA of Wake County wanted to give Petey a better chance of finally finding his forever family. Recently, the SPCA of Wake County shared an update on Petey’s adoption status.

The SPCA Wake shared a photo of a furry friend, hoping to find him a loving family. Fortunately, after a few weeks, a family came across his picture and instantly fell in love with him. They brought him home and shared some adorable snapshots of him cuddling with his new owners and playing with his new furry sibling. One picture showed Petey curled up on a cozy blanket, grinning from ear to ear with contentment.

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