Dog gives his all for little girl, so family decides to return the favor

George, a Great Dane service dog, helped a little girl named Bella walk again. The 11-year-old girl suffers from Morquio Syndrome and thought she’d spent her life on crutches or in a wheelchair. But all of that changed when she met George.

Now it’s time to celebrate George and the amazing work he’s done as a service dog and friend. BarkPost presents George’s episode of their “Dog’s Best Day” video series.

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There is no obstacle you can’t overcome when you have the right kind of support and a friend who will always be by your side. This is a story about Bella, 11-year-old girl, and her buddy, a Great Dane named George.

Bella was born with a condition called Morquio Syndrome, a disorder that affects her mobility. For the longest time Bella fought her battle on her own, but one day her mom decided she needed some extra muscle…

So they got George and both of their lives changed forever. The Great George helped Bella with her walking disability so much her incredible improvement means that now she can even ride a bike.

As a reward for his loyal support and love, this amazing dog got the best day ever, filled with all kinds of surprises which he of course got to enjoy accompanied by his inseparable companion, Bella. Watch and share this beautiful and heartwarming story.

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There’s a reason they call dogs Man’s Best Friend. Aren’t dogs just the greatest? 

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