Dog Couldn’t Move Her Back Legs, But Now She Walks Again (VIDEO)

A little puppy from Chuvashia endured a terrible fate, disappearing from her home near the garages. But a week later, she was found crawling and in desperate need of help. A group of kind-hearted girls stepped in, performing an operation to help her, and then reached out for further assistance. The puppy’s injuries were severe, and she will never be able to urinate independently, requiring someone to help express her bladder. She also has limited use of her hind legs, with one entirely useless and the other questionable. While she may be able to hobble around, it is likely that she will need a wheelchair to move more comfortably.

Despite her injuries, this young and touching puppy still has a fighting spirit, and we hope that she will one day find a loving family that will cherish her and provide the care that she needs.

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