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The Dog is seen on Camera Tearing apart his Bed. Check out how he Reacts [VIDEO]

When Arlo the Italian Greyhound has left home alone, he is typically well-behaved, but something got into him that day. However, he started digging into his bed too aggressively, making the stuffing fly out.

Dad caught him live on camera as the dog kept going and making a bigger mess.

Arlo freezes and just stares at the camera when Dad yells at him! Moments later, he jumps onto the couch as if nothing had happened… “What do you mean?” he asks. Nothing was done by me!”

That’s too funny! Below is a link to the video:


Digging his bed then dad shouted at him on the camera! His reaction is priceless! 🤣🤣

♬ original sound – Arlo the Iggy

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