Bridesmaids Carry Shelter Dogs Instead Of Bouquets To Help Them Find A Forever Home

Animal lovers always try their best to help their little furry friends in need, and we’ve talked about their efforts here on Just Something many times.
Sally Burky and her husband are a newlywed couple from Ozark, Missouri, and as animal lovers, did their best to help dogs in need even during their wedding day.

While browsing Pinterest looking for wedding ideas like any other bride-to-be in America, Sally noticed the increasing trend of having bridesmaids carry puppies instead of bouquets, and thought how beautiful it would be not only to have puppies, but senior dogs as well.
For this reason, she contacted Ozark’s no-kill shelter Haven of the Ozarks, a local animal rescue she often donates to, and asked if they would be willing to share some of their senior dogs for the wedding, in order to increase their chances of adoption.
They accepted, and on Burky’s special day the senior dogs walked down the aisle side by side with the bridesmaids.

The dogs who took part to the wedding were struggling to find a forever home, and have now been adopted, and the couple also collected donations for the shelter during their wedding day.
If you are looking to adopt an animal in need, feel free to take a look at Haven of the Ozarks’ website and Facebook page.

Here are Sally Burky’s bridesmaids with the shelter dogs that were struggling to find a forever home.

They were ready to give all their love to a caring family, and Burky’s wedding has been the perfect chance to be on the spotlight and get adopted.

The dogs walked down the aisle side by side with the bridesmaids, and some of them already found a new home.

Burky and her husband also collected donations to the shelter.

Having bridesmaids carry shelter puppy instead of bouquets is definitely a trend that needs to increase over time, helping more and more dogs to find a loving family.

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