Blind Dog Living On The Streets For 10 Years Finally Rescued

Imagine being blind, homeless, and without the ability to speak for yourself. That was Pharaoh’s situation when Hope For Paws received a call about the senior dog who had spent all of his life on the streets, 10 years to be exact!

Pharaoh was not comfortable with anyone approaching him, let alone trying to put a leash on him. But rescuers persisted and soon after Pharaoh was on his way to a new life – finally!

The kind folks at Frosted Faces took him in to foster and he is now getting used to being indoors and touched by people.

He’s still scared, but he has dog companions like Duncan (another Hope For Paws rescue) to ease him in to life with leashes, but also life with comfortable dog beds, medical attention and lots of love.

Rescuers are hoping to have his eyes checked to see if they can restore his sight, and they are, of course, hoping he will find a forever home to live out his days in comfort and with love.

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