A Touching Farewell: Loyal Police Dog Bids Tearful Goodbye to Handler, Uniting Even in Life and Beyond.

Unconditional love for his partner. This dog proves it!

Hope he gets to stay with the rest of his family.
Jorge Baeza works as a trainer at the Carabineros dog training unit in Santiago de Chile, where he has trained a variety of dogs. In 2013, he met Jerjes, a very special dog, and they quickly became friends.

Their bond is much stronger than that of a trainer and a K9 police dog!

They had very genuine feelings for each other, so it was he.artbre.aking when Baeza was [k.i.lled] in a [te.rri.ble car ac.cident] on her way to visit her grandparents on December 16 of this year. Jerjes’ heart was br.oken!

His colleague brought the dog to Baeza’s funeral without hesitation. The presence of this special dog moved all of his relatives.

Jerjes chose to approach the coffin and deliver an unexpected and emotional farewell at the burial of his friend and coach Jorge Baeza.

To say his final goodbye to his mentor, Jerjes stood on his hind legs with his front feet touching the coffin, a very dignified pose he learned from Baeza.

Eduardo Ortega, who was present at the funeral and posted this emotional photo, said, “I believe it is important to share this photo, today we said goodbye to the remains of a fellow soldier.” career, of a dog trainer and his colleagues from Santiago who came to say goodbye to his devoted pet.”

What a devoted dog! We are deeply sorry for the of your handler. Rest in peace Sir!
Watch over him and keep him safe and protected from Heaven…

PRAYERS for Both of them. God keep them Both Safe.

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