A mother returning from a long day’s work was moved to tears upon discovering her faithful dog gently lulling her children to sleep, a heartwarming display of love, devotion, and the unbreakable bond between pets and their human families.

Dogs are excellent babysitters as well as companions for children when in the hands of a capable owner who knows how to read them.

Anyone who has grown up with a dog knows that the love and compassion that they give is unconditional and like nothing else in this world.

Pit bulls don’t have the best reputation, especially when it comes to children — and most people would think twice before leaving their newborns in the care of such a breed.

The pittie was filmed laying down, with the two babies bundled up in their blankets beside him. The tired canine appears as if he’s about to nod off for a quick snooze, but then the babies start to cry.

Instinctively the pooch immediately checks on them — he sniffs them, and gently nudges them, providing reassurance to the beautiful souls.

It’s absolutely beautiful to watch.

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