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130-Pound “gentle giant” goes viral taking very first steps into his forever home (VIDEO)

Cosmo the two-year-old, 130-pound St. Bernard was surrendered to a no-kill shelter in Auburn, Nebraska, called Hearts United for Animals by a breeder for an unknown reason.

But when a woman named Jayne saw the gentle giant’s pictures on the shelter’s website, she had to have him.

Source : Youtube

Cosmo is so friendly and sweet, the first time Jayne met him he rolled over for belly rubs. But the good boy was just learning how to be a dog, and it would be a transition to get him used to being a pet.

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Source : Youtube

They believe he’d never even stepped inside of a home, so everything in this life was new to him.

Source : Youtube

Cosmo has never seen stairs before and therefore is wary of them, and he’s not even sure what he’s supposed to do with treats.

Source : Youtube

And he’s definitely not used to having a house and all of this outdoor space to run around! It’s a process, but the St. Bernard is with the perfect family to show him what life’s all about. 🙂


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