The vets were touched as the small shelter dog, who was pregnant, gave birth to a large number of puppies.

The vets of the Kentucky Humane Society heard about a female dog, that was stuck in an overcrowded shelter in Kentucky, so, they directly went for help.

The dog was pregnant, but her situation needed a C-section surgery to give birth after being examined by the vets. Dr. Emily Bewley said that the terrier, who was named Momma Malone, was brought to their shelter just in time to be able to give birth to her pups safely. So, Dr. Bewley took the dog to give birth in her home in peace.

However, the dog was taken back to the shelter to give birth as she needed C-section surgery. In a 20- minutes surgery, the dog gave birth to 9 pups, which was very surprising to the veterinarians as small dogs like Momma Malone usually give birth to about 2-5 pups.

There were some concerns that the mama dog would have some trouble in connecting with her newborn pups, but when she woke up she directly acted like a mama.

All the pups along with their mama will stay at the Kentucky Humane Society till they are ready to go to forever homes. How great!

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