Heartbroken rescuer finds poor injured dog tied to a tree and covered with pen marks written by someone

There’s no excuse for animal neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Sometimes, people get desperate and feel they have no other choice but to abandon their dog. But other times, people are downright heartless and leave their pets to suffer and die.

Sadly, one poor pup was found in a dire situation after being left tied to a tree with punctures in his neck and marker colored all over his body.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Queensland, Australia is investigating the animal cruelty case and hoping to find the person responsible.

The RSPCA shared about the incident on Facebook, asking the public for help.

They said in the post that a “large tan male Mastiff cross was found tied to tree with puncture injuries to his neck and marker drawings covering his body.” The dog was discovered on Septemebr 20, 2022 and rescued by an RSPCA Inspector.

The dog was transported to a veterinarian for care, but his story didn’t end there. The RSPCA is hoping to get to the bottom of things and find whoever abandoned the dog in such a condition.

As of September 29, 2022, the RSPCA stated: “Investigations have not yet determined who owns this dog and how it came to be injured and abandoned.”

Emma Lagoon, a spokesperson with the RSPCA in Queensland, said in the post:

“We need to see an end to this type of animal abandonment and neglect. It’s absolutely not ok to leave an injured dog tied to a tree. As for the markings, it’s plain disrespectful. Ás you can imagine, this poor dog is quite scared and is getting all the care he needs right now to hopefully overcome his ordeal and make a full recovery.”

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