She was left on the street, dragging herself under raining and frozen begging for help to live

Humanity lost its humanity a long time ago. She is simply a pup… convinced that the street is her home. And she paid a high price. She was struck by a car and is stationary. The next some dude put it next to a dumpster in the rain and betrayed it again. And she has been waiting.

Tanja Vidergar a dogs lover and other volunteers frome Ljubljana, Slovenia, created a small group of volunteers rescuing, treating and rehoming abandoned and neglected strays in Slovenia. They Knew About this Pure Soul And decded to aid her.

” Those of us who must and want to remedy the wrong that was done to her. We won’t be able to fix much this time. Fractured legs, broken spine, unable to remove muck but she looks at us with these consequences and wants to live.” Said Tanja Vidergar

Although he was in a dreadful state, the unfortunate puppy was incredibly lovely and had remarkable one blue eye, so they dubbed her blue.

How to begin writing her story? How to overcome all these major barriers that a man has set at her? This is not fair… nor that her home was a street, nor that she is now incapacitated.

They brought Blue directly to the Vet. The unfortunate soul is not alone anymore. The expense of tiny Blue is growing by the day. They were out of finances for her daily vet care and treatments, but allways there are others that don’t take a back for aiding animals in need.

After 10 days of therapy and caring, tiny Blue becoming healthier and better everyday. They couldn’t wait for a day that tiny Blue can move on her foot, but she can play all day with her closest pal.

A month Later tiny Blue now entirely healed. She transfer to beutiful and happy dog. Little Blue deserved a wonderful life after many horrific events she endured.

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