Pit Bull Takes Care Of Her Blind Chicken Best Friend, And Their Relationship is Adorable

Peri has suffered some hard losses in her life, but she has not let that bring her down.

With the help of her family, especially her late sibling Taj, her long life has been filled with love and joy. And now, thanks to her new sister Gracie, Peri will continue to experience that love and joy for the rest of her life.

When the now 10-year-old hen was only six months old, she started losing her eyesight. She’d been afflicted with a terrible eye infection and even though her loving and dedicated family got her the best care possible, she eventually went completely blind.

Christa Hubbard

Luckily for Peri, her family was determined to do anything in their power to make her new life as rewarding as possible – especially her furry brother Taj.

When Peri went blind, the pup was there for her and helped her navigate her new existence.

He provided her with love and support, made her feel safe and helped her enjoy her life to the fullest.

Christa Hubbard

The human members of the family also did their part to help Peri.

In an interview with The Dodo, Peri’s mom, Christa Hubbard, revealed that they ”made adjustments to help her as she lost her sight” such as getting her special, low roosting bars, getting Peri her own ottomans to sleep and relax on, and keeping the hen’s food bowls on a noisy rug.

They even hired a “chicken nanny” to look after Peri while they were out of the house.

Christa Hubbard

But what helped Peri the most, was the bond she and Taj shared.

They became near inseparable and did everything together.

Peri didn’t need to worry about a thing as long as she had her best friend by her side.

Christa Hubbard

But after eight wonderful years together, Taj died from cancer.

Suddenly, poor Peri found herself without her rock in life. The family noticed how distressed Peri was by her loss and they worried that she would never be herself again.

Christa Hubbard

However, when the family decided to adopt two pit bull pups, Prei regained her enthusiasm for life.

Though nobody could ever replace Taj, Peri quickly developed a great friendship with her new siblings and bit by bit, she started to grow an especially strong bond to her sister Gracie.

Christa Hubbard

Now, Peri and  Gracie are bonded for life, and Gracie is incredibly considerate of Peri’s needs.

To make sure that Peri can always find her toys, Gracie keeps bringing them to her.

She constantly makes sure that the little hen always has toy nearby and she’s always watching over her and keeping her safe.

Christa Hubbard

It seems like Peri has been lucky enough to find not one, but two soulmates in her life.

We’re sure that Taj would be happy to know that Gracie is taking such good care of his beloved friend, and we know that Peri is so thankful to have met them both.

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