Oldest dog in rescue gets special party for his 23rd birthday — happy birthday, Bully

Bully was taken in by a senior dog rescue when he was 21, and he’s still going strong, reaching an age few dogs ever see.

Happy birthday to this sweet old Chihuahua.

Dogs unluckily don’t stay alive as long as human beings do, however some are blessed with true long lives. Once a canine reaches his senior years, each and every birthday is a milestone well worth celebrating.

Like one candy rescue dog, who lately became 23 — an super age in canine years — and acquired a very different birthday party to celebrate.

Bully, a Chihuahua, has had a desirable lengthy life, however when he was once 21, he had a foremost existence change: his aged proprietor could no longer care for him.

It can be challenging for a canine to discover himself in new environment at such an old age. Bully — additionally recognised as Bobo — is a “super senior” in canine years.

Bully is now the rescue’s oldest resident.

Chris Hughes began the Mr. Mo Project with his spouse Mariesa, and senior puppies have a very different vicinity in their hearts. They have been motivated to begin the rescue after caring for a 12-year-old canine named Moses who had been surrendered for “being too old.”

The couple has reportedly spent over $55,000 turning their home into a sanctuary for senior dogs, all to make sure these often-overlooked senior pets have a safe, loving region to spent their twilight years.

According to a Facebook post, Bully used to be born on April 5, 1999. He is one of the few puppies nonetheless alive who has lived via two millenniums. He’s reached an age few puppies should dream of.

While it’s an event worthwhile of a massive splash, this ancient canine desired a greater low-key celebration.

“He doesn’t have too many teeth, so we obtained a gentle biscuit and crumbled it up for him to enjoy,” Hughes said. “He without a doubt enjoys sleeping, so that’s the fantastic present to supply him.”

Bully’s big twenty third birthday was once without a doubt one of the most exceptional occasions.

Happy birthday, Bully! What an gorgeous fulfillment to stay to 23 — wishing you even extra comfortable years ahead!

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  1. Happy Birthday 🎊🎈🎉 sweet boy Bully. You sure are a handsome boy. I hope you get some belly rubs today your special day. Sending you so much love from me and my rescue Chihuahua, Joy. Kudos to your own adopted mom and dad for providing a wonderful loving home for older doggies. 💕 💕 💕

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