Here’s what happened when a blind dog Duffy underwent an eye surgery

It’s all about second chances in the touching videos that are sweeping the internet today.

Benjamin May, Duffy’s caregiver, says he and his parents (Duffy’s owners) were saddened when Duffy went blind. Duffy’s fall seemed to occur quickly, according to May.

He went from a perfectly normal 8-year-old dog to a fully blind dog in approximately 3-5 months,” May wrote on Reddit.

“It tears my heart to watch this dog I grew up with… he knocks into things, doesn’t know me… he simply suffers,” he said.

Unlike humans, Duffy, aged 9, has canine diabetes, in which his body is unable to produce insulin, making it difficult to digest sugar. There is no known treatment for this illness.

When Duffy began peeing frequently at home last year, the owners believed he had diabetes, an unmistakable sign of the sometimes debilitating condition.

As a result of Tamiflu’s high blood sugar, doctors confirmed the worst: she was in danger. Soon after her diagnosis, Duffy went blind and would never be able to see her loved ones again.

However, his loving family and experienced veterinarians insisted on keeping the stunning Irish Terrier. Duffy’s family faithfully administered medicine and monitored Tamiflu’s blood sugar levels until veterinarians agreed to perform surgery to restore his sight.

“Fortunately, we maintained his statistics stable, and [the doctors] agreed to try surgery,” said May.

Duffy had surgery last January, and everything went well. The moment Duffy’s veterinarian undid the bandages and let him see his family again was filmed by his family. Even though his eyes were not new, Duffy was overjoyed to see Mom and Dad.

The joyful moment of Duffy quickly goes viral. It has been viewed over 1.5 million times since May 14, when the film was posted on YouTube.

May was pleased to see how well Duffy had progressed since his surgery.

“Obviously, he still has diabetes, so he has insulin shots twice a day, but the surgery to fix his eye was a total success, and there were no difficulties or concerns with his vision,” May told Duffy’s Huffington Post.

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