A senior dog who cannot climb onto the bed finds a cute solution

Having lived with her family since she was a puppy, Molly has treasured every moment. The people she loves are her dearest buddies, and she must always be near them, even while they sleep.

After moving back into his parents’ house, Travis Wahl was most happy to see Molly again. Despite Molly’s age, Wahl still views her as the puppy he received when he was 12 years old, even though she’s over 14 years old now.

“She’s been with me slightly more than half of my life,” Wahl told The Dodo. “She enjoys seeing me play guitar. Sometimes I sing her Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacabana’ but modify the words to fit her like, ‘Her name was Molly. She is a good girl … etc.’”

When Molly was growing up, she used to sleep in someone’s bed every night. Having grown quite large and getting very old, she now has difficulty getting on and off of beds. As Molly adjusts to not sleeping in her family’s beds every night, she now sleeps with one of Wahl’s shirts to be near him.

Molly will snuggle up with whatever shirt she finds on the floor or nearby. The fact that she could sleep with anything that had Wahl’s scent made her feel as if she were still sharing a bed with him. In the absence of a shirt, she will grab anything she can find, whether it is a towel or a sock…

…no matter how filthy or clean it is. Whenever Wahl’s property is involved, she’ll sleep with it.

“She used to sleep in whichever bed anyone would allow her into,” Wahl recalled. “The last time I saw her sleep on a bed was probably July 4th, 2013. I don’t believe she bothers that she can’t go on my bed as long as she gets to sleep in my room every night.”

In spite of Molly’s age and reduced ability to perform some tasks, she continues to care for her family with the same intensity she had when she was a puppy, and they, of course, share her love.

Wahl said, “She’s like a great wine.” “She gets better as she gets older. She was a decent girl in the beginning and is now the best girl.”

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