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An injured dog was rescued and placed in a good home after being kicked hard in the stomach [VIDEO]

After being abandoned or almost beaten to death, a Golden Retriever sat motionless near a building’s corner for hours. The reason for his stay is unknown to anyone. There is nothing more loyal than a dog and nothing more captivating than a dog. Though they had no idea what to do, they knew Hope For Paws could help. Loreta and Eldad immediately went to the spot after being instructed to rescue the dog.

He did not react to the treats or anything else they gave him. Seeing his fearful eyes will make anyone realize how serious this situation is. Though he appeared to be a lovely dog, his behavior was strange, and he stared blankly at the strangers watching him. He seemed to be unable to believe that anyone would help him.

As soon as the dog felt comfortable, he could leave his spot. Despite his apparent pain, he was so docile that he let them pet him before slowly falling into the trap. The crew immediately took him to the vet for a medical examination. Fortunately, none of his bones were broken. A scan, however, revealed that he was internally bleeding.

He was transported to the hospital, and it was suspected that someone without a heart had kicked him so hard. The spleen had ruptured and needed to be repaired, and the liver was severely damaged. The veterinarian told the crew that if they didn’t take the dog to the hospital that day, he wouldn’t survive.

The Little Red Dog transported the dog to his foster home, where he found a permanent home shortly after the procedure.

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