The poor dog can’t open his eyes, but he still fights to the last breath to survive in this emotionless world

Meet Aadam! According to Paws Show youtube channel he was discovered almoste dead. He completely fell on the street and had little hope of survival. He was dying…
Aadam was severely unwell and famished. Perhaps, the baby has been ignored for several days. One of his worst aches is a broken bone.

Rescuers transported him directly to the clinic.

Small dog, around 3 months old, his life was completely devastated. Broken both hind legs. He was also assaulted by ticks. Immediately vets ran tests, ultrasound of the abdomen and heart, x-rays. They will endeavor to rescue all 4 feet.

Aadam had surgery at night. Although the surgery was tough and lengthy, everything went according to plan. Wounds must be treated and kept clean. Aadam has been treated for parasites, vaccinations.

After everything adam walks again…

“Let Aadam stroll like that now. I am so happy to watch the wonderful improvements of the baby. It’s incredible! So happy we met him, now he is a happy baby and he has his whole life ahead of him.” Julia Yup I his recuer stated.

Some fantastic news came next for the worthy pooch, which you can see in the video below. We adore a happy ending!

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  1. Whoever left this dog out like this should be treated the same way!!! I hate when people do that to a poor helpless dog!!! If your NOT going to treat a dog like family then don’t get one!!!! Just look at other’s dogs and go away don’t get one then leave it to fend for itself! Take care of it!! Before you buy or get a dog think about vet bills, shots, unexplained accidents where vets are needed and other thing that come with having a dog!!!! Please! Think before you get one!!!!!!

Touched by the unwavering loyalty and devotion of a dog who leaves home to live at his owner’s grave out of deep longing and affection, many are moved to tears by the profound bond between humans and their faithful companions.

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