Rеsсuеd Raсing Grеyhоund Lеarns What Bеing Part Of A FamiIy Is Likе

After racing greyhounds in Florida was banned, many dogs were suddenly in need of homes. They had special needs that required special families to adoрt them. Such as this one…

Holden and Elizabeth were looking for a dog to adơрt when they learned about some racing greyhounds that needed homes after dog racing was banned.

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Paul was one of the dogs that needed a new home. He had raced up until the last day racing was legal and never had any experience with being a pet. But the couple took him home and began to introduce him to life away from the track.

Paul was very skinny and missing some fur. But the most noticeable thing was that he was overwhelmed by all the new things he had to face when they brought him home. Paul was now a city dog, and the track would no longer be part of his life.

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Paul had to learn what life was likе indoors and even walking upstairs was a new experience. He had to learn what the dog bed was, what a couch was for, and that toys were meant for play. In fact, Paul had to learn what it was likе to play for the first time.

Paul basically didn’t know what he was supposed to do with himself all day now that he was retired. His family took him to new places but at times, Paul didn’t even want to go outside to use the bathroom. There were challenges but they were determined to make it work.

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Slowly, Paul started to learn what it meant to be part of a family. He was a gentle soul, but it took him a while to get out of his shell and begin to enjoy all the things most dogs take for granted on their first day with their family.

Paul is learning how to relax now that he’s retired. Trips to the dog park, toys, and lots of hugs are all part of his new normal that he’s adjusting to. His new parents adore him and are determined to give him all that he’s missed out on and more.

Paul is a brave sweet dog who deserves to learn what it’s likе to no longer work for his survival. He’s far from the track and living in an apartment in the city with a family that gives him nothing but love.

Paul’s life may have changed overnight but he was a lucky boy to fall right into the arms of two people determined to help him adjust. He’s such a sweet boy and doing so well to face all his new experiences.

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