Puppy Who’s Owner Had Cut Her Tail off With Scissors, Gets Forever Home! (VIDEO)

Smouse resides in the South African town of De Doorns. Thankfully, she didn’t have to live there for long because Sidewalk Specials came and saved her from the horrible situation.

Before she was rescued, her owner had cut her tail off with scissors (a terrible technique known as “docking”), leaving her in horrific pain.

In the end, the wound on Little Smos’ tail became infected, and he needed a rescuer, and he needed it now.

Her rescuer appeared as a Sidewalk Special. The rescue group arrived and took her away from her cruel owner, and now they must try to heal her physically and emotionally.

Smouse’s journey had a tough start, but she’s currently doing well in life! The tiny puppy has been through so much tragedy and struggle, and she’s now gotten the loving forever home she so well deserves.

Despite the fact that her previous owner abandoned her with a terrible open wounds and infections, her new house spoiled her with toys, playtime, and healthy interaction with other dogs.

It’s obvious that she’s found her place in a family, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

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