Get Your Daily Dose of Serotonin by Watching This Guy Groom a Giant Fluff of an Alaskan Malamute (VIDEO)

As a pet parent, there are various tasks that you need to prioritize to properly care for your fur baby. There are responsibilities that you do on a daily basis, while others are done only after a span of months. Aside from providing your pets with basic needs, their cleanliness must be a part of your care routine. You can take them for a bath at your very own home, but others choose a professional groomer. That option especially applies to dogs with long fur that must be trimmed after growing it for months. Through grooming, they are well-maintained, their coat stays shiny, and it avoids irritation from warm weather.

Photos: Reddit/the_69_thankur

Huge furry dogs require professional groomers due to the amount of fur that needs to be removed. It’ll be cleanly done, and you don’t have to worry about it if you lack time to do it yourself. Grooming a large dog can take hours, especially when your pet grows like an Alaskan malamute. They can grow to 23 to 25 inches by the shoulders and can weigh 75 to 85 pounds. Cleaning the gentle giant can truly take too much of your time, but it’s going to be a fun experience. Also, who would’ve thought that a video of a man cleaning an adorable Alaskan malamute could make someone’s day?

Photos: Reddit/the_69_thankur

A Redditor shared a short clip of the large-sized dog preparing to be cleaned by a professional groomer. The malamute definitely looks like a giant bear — you might have the urge to hug it and be consoled by its warm fur. “A chonky Alaskan Malamute getting a good cleaning,” the_69_thankur wrote in the caption. Despite the scary size, the dog behaved so well and looked happy throughout the clip. You can tell that they are high-maintenance dogs, but the happiness they provide makes it all worth it. Having a giant furry baby at home can instantly wash your stress away. Even just watching the short video can already complete your day — the dog effortlessly melts the viewers’ hearts.

OP’s post was received so well by Redditors that it garnered 4.4k upvotes and hundreds of comments. GBGF128 wrote, “I know a glamorous bear when I see one.” Indeed, the Alaskan malamute can be mistaken for a bear, but one you can safely hug and take home. Several people even thought that the video was edited, but, believe it or not, some dog breeds can grow that huge. While others are in disbelief, there are those who want a hug from the malamute. It looks comfortable and soft, which you’ll probably also feel after watching the video below.

A chonky Alaskan Malamute getting a good cleaning
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