Following their eviction from their previous home, these two dogs at the animal shelter exhibit an inseparable bond, refusing to be separeted

Tiny CC has a favorite location, and that’s on top of her companion giant Chewbacca, cuddled into his magnificent fur.

“Pretty much every time we walk by their kennel, CC is either sitting on Chewy or draped over him or snuggled up on him,” Animal Rescue League of Iowa spokesman Jessica Jorgenson tells The Dodo. “Chewy, for his part, doesn’t mind at all. They both prefer being close to each other.”


These two are more than simply nice pals. They’re each other’s family.

For years, Chewbacca and CC lived a house together. They were adored, and properly taken care of.


A human infant with allergies coming into the picture changed things. The couple landed themselves in the Animal Rescue League of Iowa – where, happily, they’ve been allowed to remain together. Constantly.


At the kennel, CC frequently treats Chewbacca like a cushion.

Despite the significant size difference, they like to walk side by side, too.

Several volunteers recently brought these two on a day excursion outside the shelter, and noticed Chewy and CC also “sit against each other in the car,” adds Jorgenson. “Their relationship is unmistakable.”


There’s just one more thing these two have to do together, and that’s get adopted.

Chewbacca and CC are both, unsurprisingly, kind and well-behaved.

The dogs get along with cats and other dogs. They can be adopted out of state, however you’ll have to visit the shelter to meet them.

Aside that, these dogs want what you would expect: frequent walks and a cozy couch for large Chewbacca to lay on With tiny CC perched on.

UPDATE: This bonded duo was adopted together! Their new family includes two other dogs and three piglets.

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