Dogs Locked In Cage For 6 Years Finally Get A Taste Of Freedom

As humans, we often take our freedom for granted. Sadly, when you’re an animal, life isn’t always fair or just.

Worse still, is there isn’t a whole lot that animals can do about their mistreatment. Yes, there are laws against animal cruelty, but oftentimes the punishments are far less severe than the crimes themselves.

It’s all quite sad when you think about it, especially when you try to imagine life inside a crate for six long years.

Unfortunately, that was life for Angelica. As miserable as she was in her life behind the bars of a cage, she wasn’t fully alone.

Her only other companion was another pooch named Spud, who lived in the crate beside her. The two were the best of friends despite the fact that they had never been able to freely interact with one another. But the bonds of trauma run deep. Luckily for these two, they were eventually rescued, and they were finally able to see each other with the bars in between.

One of their rescuers, Stacey Pettit from Rescue & RemEMBER, was impressed by how tough these pooches were. Despite all they’d been to, they were still so gentle and happy, clearly grateful for their rescue.

As Pettit said to The Dodo, “You would have expected them to act in a negative way, but they just gave kisses.”

Once they were rescued, things started to turn around for the dogs. Spud was adopted straight away and went off to his forever home. However, Angelica needed a little bit more attention. She needed to build up the muscles in her back legs as they were extremely weak.

With a little bit of love and lots of care from her foster family, Angelica started to experience life for the first time! The sweet pooch got to have a lot of fun new doggie experiences, like her first hamburger, a trip to the dog park, and of course, new doggie friends.

Eventually, the time came for Angelica to go off to her forever home. But there was one final piece of the puzzle left: a proper reunion with her old pal, Spud. The two dogs were lucky in that their new families were more than happy to make sure these two besties get to see one another!

Watch the video below:

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