A Kind-Hearted Dog Befriended With The Baby With Down Syndrome (VIDEO)

Most people misunderstand children with Down Syndrome. Often they try to avoid such children without realizing that it is a wrong attitude.

As for the animals, they are always ready to accept everyone as they are. People have a lot to learn from them ․․․

Hernan was also born unique. The mother of the child, Anna, recorded some touching moments from the contact between her other “child”, a big Labrador named Himalaya, and her son. Dogs are so sensitive and attentive. We can always admire their care and big heart.

The dog is so careful with the boy and seems to realize everything, thinking that the child may be afraid of his some movements.

Then he puts his paw on the baby’s shoulder, as if showing him his huge support and patronage.

The child, of course, was afraid at first and wanted to stay away from the dog.

But then he began to communicate with her very calmly, as if with his best friend.

They communicated with each other for a long time and seemed to understand each other so well.

There was some inexplicable connection between them. Their mother made a wonderful video and posted it on the Internet after editing.

It is very popular on the Internet. They are really made for each other.

“The Creator is never wrong, everything that happens, always happens for some reason,” mentioned Anna.

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